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MARDE Private Homecare Assistance serves clients throughout metropolitan Atlanta.

We provide in home health care to people of all ages: the elderly, Alzheimer's patients, the handicapped, post-surgery patients, and dementia patients. Our staff includes professional Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). Our services include companion care, which provides a respite for primary care providers.

MARDE is licensed by the Georgia's Department of Human Resources.

Our primary goal is to help our clients live independently by providing considerate, quality care. By ensuring quality home health care, we can minimize the sense of loneliness and isolation experienced by many care recipients, help families avoid or defer the unnecessary commitment of a spouse, child or parent to a nursing home, and reassure distant or busy families that their loved ones are in excellent caring hands.

Our Mission

It is the mission of MARDE INC, DBA: MARDE Private Homecare Assistance to: provide the highest level of professional, compassionate, and competent home care services to our clients, and enhance the independence and maintain the dignity of those individuals who are in need of varying levels of care at their homes.

Employment Opportunities

MARDE Private Homecare Assistance is seeking Certified Nursing Assistants CNAs and Companion Sitters.

We seek CNAs who have at least 3 years of professional experience. Every employee is subject to a thorough background, DMV and drug screening check. Each employee must have CPR training and undergo a mandatory 16-hour in-house training program.

Our Application Process
  1. Complete the application form shown below. Please note: incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

  2. Fax your drivers' license, social security card, and proof of work authorization to (678) 623-3062.

  3. Someone from our Human Resources department will contact you for a phone screening.

  4. Selected applicants will be contacted for a face-to-face interview.

MARDE's Application Form

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Please list all of your education (high school and higher). Include dates and whether or not you completed your degree or certificate:
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Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
If yes, explain number of conviction(s), nature of offense(s) leading to conviction(s), how recently such offense(s) were committed, sentence(s) imposed, and type(s) of rehabilitation.
Do you have a valid Georgia drivers' license?
What is your means of transportation to work?
How many accidents have you had during the past 3 years?
How many moving violations have you had during the past 3 years?
Please list 3 references other than family or previous employers. Include addresses and phone numbers.
Please list your work experience for the past 5 years. Include employment dates, salaries and employer/supervisor contact information.
Is all of this information provided true to the best of your knowledge? Yes
Do you grant MARDE, Inc. and its subsidiaries permission to contact your current and previous employers and references to verify the information provided? Yes
Do you grant MARDE, Inc. and its subsidiaries permission to conduct criminal, background, and DMV screenings? Yes
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