How We Work – Our Process

In this section of our website, learn how we work with our clients. We also cover our criteria for selecting our caregivers.

Step 1 – Intake / Assessment Form

The potential client or family member starts the process by completing an home health care intake assessment form on this website. They may also choose to call us to request an assessment.

Step 2 – Assessment

Our Licensed Social Worker reviews the intake form and interviews the client and their family. The interview includes not only the services you require, but we also learn your likes and dislikes in order to match you with the right home health care provider. The follow up may also involve an in-home visit.

Step 3 – Care Plan and Staff Assignment

The Social Worker develops a care plan. Our HR department works with the Social Worker to match the right care professional. Our selection process is based on several factors, including the caregiver’s skills, experience, and personal traits. All of our caregivers and CNAs are carefully screened, bonded, insured and have passed a comprehensive criminal background and DMV check.

Step 4 – Contract and Initial Payment

MARDE and the client agree on the care plan and execute the contract. The client makes the first payment.

Step 5 – Interim Assessment

A member of management periodically visits the client’s home to review and re-evaluate care.

Step 6 – Post Service Assessment

In addition to periodic assessments, we also perform a post-service assessment to make sure the care provided met the family’s needs.

To start the process by requesting an assessment, please click here.



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